I have a terrible impending tendency to lose all inspiration and get bored. In my life, very few things have managed to hold my interest for long periods of time. However, when I finally grasp at one of these engaging topics or activities, I will devote my time and energy to the pursuit of knowledge and skills in an enthusiastic drive to better myself.

Biology is the best example and the focus of my academic work. Beyond the technical nature of experimentation lies one of the greatest frontiers of modern society. Discoveries are being made every day which push the boundaries of human possibilities. To me, it seems obvious that through science, man can strive to answer some of the greatest philosophical questions ever pondered.

For instance, the nature of our interaction with the world around us through sensory processes is astounding. Somehow, the human nervous system has designed our bodies as machines for survival empowered by an innate ability to convert diverse stimuli into electrochemical impulses, and has developed our brains into supercomputers capable of interpreting and distinguishing these signals with the ability for rapid response. Any child could outline the five senses, but rarely do people outside of my field wonder about the physiological basis for these abilities. Yet when you tell the same child about superheroes they will be utterly fascinated. Our senses are extraordinary, in that we are essentially born with these amazing abilities, yet they are also extraordinarily under-appreciated. Here on this page, I will attempt to bring to light the fascinating developments in the field of Sensory Transduction with respect to the art of exploration and the impacts on our lives.


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